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Final Post

It’s almost the end now.¬† It has been a great semester for me in this class. Computer Studies is quite a fascinating subject, talking about electronics and computers all the time. But I still have to talk about the final part of this semester. Learning about Adobe Fireworks sure was fun and gave me some insight on how to use Photoshop better. Also with Google Sketchup and Windows Movie Maker, I think both of them seem equally fun to try out and use, sine I have them on my computer at home. Also, I don’t think I’ll get a good mark on the speed test, since my WPM is only 25. As with this final project, I think it does seem quite fun but also time consuming. I don’t even know which one to pick.

As with this being the final blog, I would like to say thank you, Mr. Fernandez for teaching this class about computers. I, for one, enjoyed and appreciated it. Through the class of computers, laughs, troublemakers, low marks, high marks, medium marks, easy and hard assignments, blogs, tech articles, bootstraps, networking, presentations, browsers, HTML, excel, powerpoint, word, e-mail, passwords, security, viruses, pictures, operating systems, Windows XP, software, hardware, electronic recycling, binary codes, gigabytes, One Strand and other class inside jokes and nicknames, and everything else. Through all that, this is my thank you to the greatest teacher ever from a fox-loving student.

Thank you Mr. Fernandez for a great year, sincerely, Albrecht.

P.S. I hope I meet you again in ICTM 11 (if you will still be teaching in the school)

P.P.S. I’m also pretty sure that Sam is going to love your class (Sam Wang) this coming semester. And if you’re reading this Sam, I hope you have as much as a fun time as I did.

Final Note: Like Telus said, “The Future is friendly”, I wish everyone who takes and will take this class (including Mr. Fernandez) a good future. And that wraps up this final blog.

Signing out, Albrecht the Fox.




Weekly Blog January 6

That was one awesome holiday! Though it’s too bad we have to go back to school. ūüė¶¬† Just kidding. So welcome to this week’s blog. This Adobe Fireworks stuff we’re doing seems pretty difficult to be honest, and all this masking makes it more difficult. The readings on Chapter 7 were okay though, and not too hard. Though I would like to say that we’re getting too many assignments all at once, just thrown one after another. It’s getting a bit difficult to keep up and my insight is that you just keep it slow a little, not this fast. The pace we have to do these assignments at are getting quite annoying. On another note, I’m really liking Fireworks anyway. It looks much more easier than Photoshop, and much more simple. All the tools are basic tools that I only need to make/edit a good picture. So in conclusion, I’d say this unit is all right.

Now for the fox version:

 \ \ ______ ^.^.
   / /    \  \
   \_\_    \_ \_

Whoops, looks like I changed the font a bit, but whatever. Do you think that looks like a fox? I just thought I'd
throw that in. And there are only a few blogs left before we all say goodbye. So see you next week.

Weekly Blog December 9

Well, it’s almost Christmas, I hope school ends soon. Anyway, welcome to another weekly blog written by yours truly. I think that this html stuff is going to be fun. Creating my own website was always out of the question for me, since I thought it took probably a month or more just to make one. The lessons right now seem quite easy to do, I just hope I make a good website.

And for the fox portion of this blog, I always wondered if Mozilla Firefox would produce an OS, but it’s okay if they don’t, since Chromium is just a rip off of Linux. Though if Firefox ever made an OS, I’m sure it will be original.

Happy Holidays everyone, and see you next week.

Weekly Blog December 2

Hey, everyone. Looks like it’s that time of the week again, another blog. So anyway, this new section on the internet seems very cool, and I don’t think I have any insights for this unit. I think that the internet is very powerful and resourceful tool, and that we should use it for the greater good of our society. What I don’t like in this unit is that the assignments will probably be too long and difficult (also, I think there’s gonna be a part in this unit when we compare browsers, though I just hope we don’t do that because all the Google Chrome fanboys are going to bash me like when we had that debate assignment). Though aside from that, it’s going to be interesting to learn about area networks, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Since I have quite a vague recollection on those things, this unit is going to be fun.

Also, I want to talk about that Wargames movie, since I didn’t talk about it earlier. It’s amazing how David was able to hack through to a military computer. But the main purpose of this movie can show how unethical/ethical decisions can get you in life, and it’s quite a good movie.

As with the fox portion of this blog, I know you’ve been wondering, “why do you like them so much”? Well, the reason I like them is because I met one in real life, at Kamloops in March 2009. As for scientific information, I met a vulpes abietorum, a British Colombian fox. After that, I’ve liked them ever since, and I possibly could take a course on zoology in university.

Sorry for the short blog, (but at least I post regularly unlike some people in the class) but I’m quite tired, though I wish everyone a good week, and see you on the next one.

Weekly Blog November 22

It’s been quite a long time since my last post, and I’m really bored right now. Though anyway, let’s get started. First off, I really didn’t like this debate we had on violent video games at all, since it’s forcing me to go against them which I hate. And secondly, this debate got too serious and I felt that if you’re stuck with a debate topic, other people will regard you actually liking that topic, which I do not want to get mixed up with. Also, in my opinion, I don’t care who won the debate {though everyone else would be going “no, I totally won and you suck”, or “you got owned because my topic is better/we have more evidence” (or something like that)}. I don’t care because both sides looked like they had very good (or bad) evidence, they were both very statistical/inspiring {or monotone/conspiring (no rhyme intended)}. In short, I think the result of the debate is a tie.

Now with that done, it’s that time of the blog again, my time. During the weekend, I went to the States again for the 1000th+ time, and let me tell you, this trip is definitely one of my less-than-awesome shopping trips there, because of that Friday blizzard/snowstorm. We were originally supposed to go home by late night, but the blizzard was so fierce that we had to stay at a rest area for the night (best trip ever, am I right?).

Now for the fox part, it’s time I tell you why I like Mozilla Firefox better than any other browser out there. First off, I dislike Google Chrome because it can’t block ads as good as Firefox (also, it isn’t open source), I hate Internet Explorer because you already know the answer, and Safari and Opera I really can’t hate, because no one in this class uses them (or maybe they do). Also as a side note I think Ubuntu would make a great OS for Firefox, and that’s why I don’t hate it.

I’m sorry if I made this like a tech article, I couldn’t resist showing this random Firefox video.

And that’s the end of this blog for the week.

Weekly Blog November 4

Well, it’s that time of the week again, another blog from that guy who likes foxes, Disney films (e.g. Robin Hood, The Fox and the Hound), Mozilla Firefox, Pokemon, canines, etc. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin. So anyways, this Powerpoint project that we’re doing in class promises to be fun, even though I’m not that good at presenting. Studying about computers and how they can be more green is quite fascinating. Computers in the past used to waste lots of energy, was made up of materials that probably don’t affect it when removed, were non-recyclable, and overheated a lot. Now the computer manufacturers got rid of those obvious faults, and are manufacturing¬† more green computers made up of green parts, and can save lots of energy.

Also with this week, that surprise quiz was well, a surprise. I hope that I didn’t mess up on the phishing and spoofing questions of it.¬† With that said, I think I should tell everyone about the long day I had today (I’m typing out this blog on Wednesday night, it was “Take Your Kids to Work Day” today. Anyways, I got paired up with my aunt, and she works at Accenture Services in Vancouver, at Dunsmuir and Granville. The company she works for is a business company, that has partnered with BC Hydro (or something like that). This company is based on invoices (an itemized bill containing goods/services¬† sold/provided the total charge, and all that good business stuff), and my aunt works there as an accountant. Like any accountant, she knows how to use Microsoft Excel really well (too bad I didn’t inherit that skill) for calculating company profits and for doing invoices herself. In the time I spent there: I used some of it for writing an essay for take your kids to work day, checking out the invoices my aunt was scanning, and the rest of it in the “oh so boring” mail room. Even though I was with another grade 9 while doing this, it was still boring (though I can’t blame my aunt for making me do this, because what else would a kid do in the office for eight hours). I had to sort mail, stamp it, organize it, and put them in the appropriate places. Even though this experience was boring, it sure gave me an example of what having a job is like, and plus, the staff were very friendly and helped me throughout the entire way, which completely makes up for the fact/stereotype that¬† business jobs are boring. In short, I had a great experience, and that the future is more promising than I thought it would be. And so ends another weekly blog, see you next week.

Weekly Blog October 28

This week has taken quite its toll on me, since my family went on an all-out shopping spree in the States that lasted TWO DAYS!¬† When I finally got back home on Sunday, I looked at the assignments I had to do and I was fuming. The amount of homework I had to do for this class only took me at least 4 hours (as I’ve said before, I’m not good at Microsoft Excel), and that was only folder one. When I looked at the other folders, I was speechless. Some of these Excel assignments had to be done over several internet tabs that had mostly nothing to do with Computer Studies. With songs/CD’s, a dozen headaches, Graphs that have almost nothing to do with this course, my other courses who want just as much attention as this one, plus a guy who has been doing nothing but shopping for two days with barely any sleep or nutrients (blame McDonald’s), I think it’s safe to say that I HATE THE MICROSOFT EXCEL PORTION OF THIS COURSE. In other terms, Mr. Fernandez, you’ve given me and the class too much homework/classwork that we can keep up with, because we all have other courses that give out homework as well. I know what you’re thinking, I should have done some of it in class, at home, or during my time in the States, other people have already done it, ask for help, or “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill Albrecht, these assignments are easy”. Sorry, but I did do some of it in class and at home, and I wouldn’t have the internet if I brought my computer in the States (we didn’t even stay at a hotel, my dad would just continue driving through the night, he drinks Red Bull). We bought a ton of food, supplies, and clothing. The reason this trip took so long is because our friends and relatives asked for supplies. Back to the point, I couldn’t ask for help because I couldn’t just copy off of others just to get information. In conclusion and as an insight, if you can just cut back on homework or make it more fitting to the course, I would highly appreciate it, because I had too much of it. I know I’m doing this for my parents, but when pressure like this piles on top of me, it’s impossible for me to complete anything on time.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone, or I¬†was just tired and didn’t look at the Excel criteria lately. I typed the previous paragraph last night on monday, and I was just plain tired. I’m sorry if I hand in anything late Mr. Fernandez, but feel free to give me a zero on a missing assignment since the excuses that I have shown above are of no use to me now. Though I do wonder if the test is anything like the assignments we’ve done.

Now for the Thursday edition of the blog, I think I did bad on the test but oh well. Anyways, I did learn a lot of new things today about how to protect against internet hackers. I feel safe typing these letters on my keyboard knowing that I have a router with a password, which is my firewall. Unfortunately, I just lost my Norton 360 anti-virus subscription/protection today (I used a trial product). And because of that, I can’t find my product key anywhere on my PC (a product key renews a subscription, and I just hope that one¬† firewall is enough). Though even without Norton, I can probably rely on Firefox’s add-ons to protect me from those hackers. For the fox edition of this blog (you saw that coming, didn’t you?), I downloaded a Firefox add-on, ad block plus (it blocks all ads if you didn’t know). To me, it is very useful, since a lot of viruses come from ads and pop-ups. Yes, I just saw the article on Firesheep, a Firefox add-on, and I’m quite disappointed by it. This add-on that can hack Facebook and Twitter accounts is ruining Mozilla’s good name. I just hope the situation doesn’t get any worse, and/or that the add-on gets taken down or a hacking spree will ensue in the future.