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Final Post

It’s almost the end now.  It has been a great semester for me in this class. Computer Studies is quite a fascinating subject, talking about electronics and computers all the time. But I still have to talk about the final part of this semester. Learning about Adobe Fireworks sure was fun and gave me some insight on how to use Photoshop better. Also with Google Sketchup and Windows Movie Maker, I think both of them seem equally fun to try out and use, sine I have them on my computer at home. Also, I don’t think I’ll get a good mark on the speed test, since my WPM is only 25. As with this final project, I think it does seem quite fun but also time consuming. I don’t even know which one to pick.

As with this being the final blog, I would like to say thank you, Mr. Fernandez for teaching this class about computers. I, for one, enjoyed and appreciated it. Through the class of computers, laughs, troublemakers, low marks, high marks, medium marks, easy and hard assignments, blogs, tech articles, bootstraps, networking, presentations, browsers, HTML, excel, powerpoint, word, e-mail, passwords, security, viruses, pictures, operating systems, Windows XP, software, hardware, electronic recycling, binary codes, gigabytes, One Strand and other class inside jokes and nicknames, and everything else. Through all that, this is my thank you to the greatest teacher ever from a fox-loving student.

Thank you Mr. Fernandez for a great year, sincerely, Albrecht.

P.S. I hope I meet you again in ICTM 11 (if you will still be teaching in the school)

P.P.S. I’m also pretty sure that Sam is going to love your class (Sam Wang) this coming semester. And if you’re reading this Sam, I hope you have as much as a fun time as I did.

Final Note: Like Telus said, “The Future is friendly”, I wish everyone who takes and will take this class (including Mr. Fernandez) a good future. And that wraps up this final blog.

Signing out, Albrecht the Fox.




Weekly Blog December 16

Happy Holidays everyone! I think it’s going to be a great holiday for us all no matter what event you’re celebrating. So anyway, let’s talk about what I’m doing in class. I think this HTML create-your-own-website thing is very awesome. With this project, I’m learning how to create websites and webpages, that is sure to help me in post-secondary education. Even though this project seems boring at times (I have to type out, copy and paste, all over and over again), the results will look great on the website.

For the next part of this blog, I really don’t know what to talk about. Though I’m pretty sure that during the holidays, I’m going up to Whistler.  Since I’m going up there, I might meet some foxes (wink, wink ;).

In conclusion,  I’d like to say: Have a wonderful holiday everyone, and see you next semester.

Merry Christmas.

Wargames Assignment

Wargames Assignment


I think that computer technology has come quite far since this movie, and it is also a great example of ethical and unethical decisions. (Calibri, 11, black.)

Back in the old days, computers were large machines that were the size of a huge room or bigger. They used up lots of energy, took a long time to process, and didn’t even have a colour screen. Though the computers were very slow, big, and energy consuming, those computers were the first step in advancing technology that will eventually lead to today’s computers. Speaking of which, today’s computers have made huge advancements such as being smaller, are in full color, are very fast, and can store much more energy than back then. (Adobe Caslon Pro, 12, Black.)

In the future, I think computer technology will go very far, and computers could completely take over our lives (depends on how far we let technology go, though). A supercomputer could completely take over our national defence, we could make them automated to do all our work, or our world could be overrun by them (hypothetically speaking, of course). Though in lowest terms, I think computers will be much smaller, energy efficient than ever before, and can store tons of data in the future. (Times New Roman, 14, Orange.)

As for the movie’s ethics, I think it’s a mixture of good and bad types of it. For the bad types, I think the main character (David), has broken commandment number 3 and 2 of the ethics. He has been snooping around his grades on his school and changing them. He has also infiltrated a military computer, and almost fired nuclear missiles at Russia, which is very unethical. However, he had realized what he had done, and tried to fix his mistakes, which is very ethical. From this movie, I learned why it’s bad to hack into other people’s computers, or you could get arrested/karma will take its toll on us. Seeing many science fiction books and movies myself, I think all of them are too futuristic. I think this because It costs so much just to get a ship in space, and with the current economy, I think it’ll be a long while before we can actually live on Mars. (Arno Pro, 10, Orange.)

In conclusion, I think that computers will go very far in a good way in the future, as long as we, as a society, make smart, ethical decisions. (Algerian, 16, Brown.)

Ethics Assignment

Ethics Assignment: Commandment #6 (and 4)

Free Music Download From LimeWire Illegal

October 27, 2010 5:06:58 AM by GD ( 1 comment )

By Gina Gomez,
Oct 27, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Music fans all over the world were shocked to hear that LimeWire, one of the world’s biggest file sharing and service provider for music downloads, tv shows and films has been closed down. LimeWire had existed like a thorn in the path of many music companies who could not tolerate the popularity of the site as it enabled users to download music for free. A case was filed against LimeWire by The Recording Industry Association of America that claimed its members were facing a huge loss in revenue due to the free service hosted by LimeWire.

To the dismay of millions around the world a US federal judge gave its decision against LimeWire, whose download service has been categorized as an illegal one. Founder Mark Gorton has been accused of enriching himself illegally through his piracy machine LimeWire, and the court will reportedly determine the compensation payable by LimeWire to its suer in January. Mark Gorton has acknowledged that his company has made millions with the pirated software that had become an easy ground for passing of pirated music on the web. LimeWire however, sees the court decision as a temporary setback and hopes to work with the music industry by implementing necessary changes in future.

A spokesperson for LimeWire said that LimeWire continues to exist but no longer operates as a file sharing service. The plans of the company are not clear right now and its prospects appear to be dim, concluded the spokesperson. The damages claimed by the Recording Industry Association of America could go well over $1 billion.

______________________________________________________________________________This story violates commandment number six and maybe even number four. It violates them because for number 6, you’re downloading music you haven’t even paid for. It’s basically like walking to a music store and stealing the disc /album yourself. In the end, the artists don’t get paid, and you probably could get arrested. And for commandment number 4, like I explained earlier, it’s completely stealing to just download it for free off Limewire, or any other illegal music site. I think this article is a great example to show what happens when you pirate/illegally download music from the internet. It (the site) was closed and sued, and the illegal music downloaded cost over a billion dollars. What I’m saying is, basically this site and its users have stolen and used proprietary software they haven’t even paid for.

Computing Issues

Wow, my first blog for the uncategorized category. Here you go.

                          10/29/10                                     Computing Issues                                      Albrecht

  1. On how secure my browser is, It looks like it’s very secure. At home I use Mozilla Firefox and it is very sleek and fast. When I preformed a system check on Netteller, it said that this browser is safe and has security. Also, 128-bit encryption is a long password that protects your computer from hackers. Older computers have 64-bit encryption.
  2. The CIH virus attacks and destroys data. Since it’s a Windows 95 virus, all you need is a higher version of Windows to protect yourself.
  3. Sometimes, not going outside can get the best of us. Indoor air is much worse than outdoor air. Prolonged exposure to computers and other electronic devices can damage your eyesight. In order to fix this, you must go outside and exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes, or staying indoors too much can affect your health. Also with internet addiction, try doing what I mentioned above. Being addicted to the internet can be quite serious sometimes, like being online and skipping work/school. The most addicting website is most likely Facebook, but there are many more.

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