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Final Post

It’s almost the end now.  It has been a great semester for me in this class. Computer Studies is quite a fascinating subject, talking about electronics and computers all the time. But I still have to talk about the final part of this semester. Learning about Adobe Fireworks sure was fun and gave me some insight on how to use Photoshop better. Also with Google Sketchup and Windows Movie Maker, I think both of them seem equally fun to try out and use, sine I have them on my computer at home. Also, I don’t think I’ll get a good mark on the speed test, since my WPM is only 25. As with this final project, I think it does seem quite fun but also time consuming. I don’t even know which one to pick.

As with this being the final blog, I would like to say thank you, Mr. Fernandez for teaching this class about computers. I, for one, enjoyed and appreciated it. Through the class of computers, laughs, troublemakers, low marks, high marks, medium marks, easy and hard assignments, blogs, tech articles, bootstraps, networking, presentations, browsers, HTML, excel, powerpoint, word, e-mail, passwords, security, viruses, pictures, operating systems, Windows XP, software, hardware, electronic recycling, binary codes, gigabytes, One Strand and other class inside jokes and nicknames, and everything else. Through all that, this is my thank you to the greatest teacher ever from a fox-loving student.

Thank you Mr. Fernandez for a great year, sincerely, Albrecht.

P.S. I hope I meet you again in ICTM 11 (if you will still be teaching in the school)

P.P.S. I’m also pretty sure that Sam is going to love your class (Sam Wang) this coming semester. And if you’re reading this Sam, I hope you have as much as a fun time as I did.

Final Note: Like Telus said, “The Future is friendly”, I wish everyone who takes and will take this class (including Mr. Fernandez) a good future. And that wraps up this final blog.

Signing out, Albrecht the Fox.




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