Of foxes, blogs, assignments and tech articles.

Weekly Blog January 6

That was one awesome holiday! Though it’s too bad we have to go back to school. 😦  Just kidding. So welcome to this week’s blog. This Adobe Fireworks stuff we’re doing seems pretty difficult to be honest, and all this masking makes it more difficult. The readings on Chapter 7 were okay though, and not too hard. Though I would like to say that we’re getting too many assignments all at once, just thrown one after another. It’s getting a bit difficult to keep up and my insight is that you just keep it slow a little, not this fast. The pace we have to do these assignments at are getting quite annoying. On another note, I’m really liking Fireworks anyway. It looks much more easier than Photoshop, and much more simple. All the tools are basic tools that I only need to make/edit a good picture. So in conclusion, I’d say this unit is all right.

Now for the fox version:

 \ \ ______ ^.^.
   / /    \  \
   \_\_    \_ \_

Whoops, looks like I changed the font a bit, but whatever. Do you think that looks like a fox? I just thought I'd
throw that in. And there are only a few blogs left before we all say goodbye. So see you next week.

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