Of foxes, blogs, assignments and tech articles.

Weekly Blog December 2

Hey, everyone. Looks like it’s that time of the week again, another blog. So anyway, this new section on the internet seems very cool, and I don’t think I have any insights for this unit. I think that the internet is very powerful and resourceful tool, and that we should use it for the greater good of our society. What I don’t like in this unit is that the assignments will probably be too long and difficult (also, I think there’s gonna be a part in this unit when we compare browsers, though I just hope we don’t do that because all the Google Chrome fanboys are going to bash me like when we had that debate assignment). Though aside from that, it’s going to be interesting to learn about area networks, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Since I have quite a vague recollection on those things, this unit is going to be fun.

Also, I want to talk about that Wargames movie, since I didn’t talk about it earlier. It’s amazing how David was able to hack through to a military computer. But the main purpose of this movie can show how unethical/ethical decisions can get you in life, and it’s quite a good movie.

As with the fox portion of this blog, I know you’ve been wondering, “why do you like them so much”? Well, the reason I like them is because I met one in real life, at Kamloops in March 2009. As for scientific information, I met a vulpes abietorum, a British Colombian fox. After that, I’ve liked them ever since, and I possibly could take a course on zoology in university.

Sorry for the short blog, (but at least I post regularly unlike some people in the class) but I’m quite tired, though I wish everyone a good week, and see you on the next one.


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