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Wargames Assignment

Wargames Assignment


I think that computer technology has come quite far since this movie, and it is also a great example of ethical and unethical decisions. (Calibri, 11, black.)

Back in the old days, computers were large machines that were the size of a huge room or bigger. They used up lots of energy, took a long time to process, and didn’t even have a colour screen. Though the computers were very slow, big, and energy consuming, those computers were the first step in advancing technology that will eventually lead to today’s computers. Speaking of which, today’s computers have made huge advancements such as being smaller, are in full color, are very fast, and can store much more energy than back then. (Adobe Caslon Pro, 12, Black.)

In the future, I think computer technology will go very far, and computers could completely take over our lives (depends on how far we let technology go, though). A supercomputer could completely take over our national defence, we could make them automated to do all our work, or our world could be overrun by them (hypothetically speaking, of course). Though in lowest terms, I think computers will be much smaller, energy efficient than ever before, and can store tons of data in the future. (Times New Roman, 14, Orange.)

As for the movie’s ethics, I think it’s a mixture of good and bad types of it. For the bad types, I think the main character (David), has broken commandment number 3 and 2 of the ethics. He has been snooping around his grades on his school and changing them. He has also infiltrated a military computer, and almost fired nuclear missiles at Russia, which is very unethical. However, he had realized what he had done, and tried to fix his mistakes, which is very ethical. From this movie, I learned why it’s bad to hack into other people’s computers, or you could get arrested/karma will take its toll on us. Seeing many science fiction books and movies myself, I think all of them are too futuristic. I think this because It costs so much just to get a ship in space, and with the current economy, I think it’ll be a long while before we can actually live on Mars. (Arno Pro, 10, Orange.)

In conclusion, I think that computers will go very far in a good way in the future, as long as we, as a society, make smart, ethical decisions. (Algerian, 16, Brown.)


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