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Weekly Blog November 22

It’s been quite a long time since my last post, and I’m really bored right now. Though anyway, let’s get started. First off, I really didn’t like this debate we had on violent video games at all, since it’s forcing me to go against them which I hate. And secondly, this debate got too serious and I felt that if you’re stuck with a debate topic, other people will regard you actually liking that topic, which I do not want to get mixed up with. Also, in my opinion, I don’t care who won the debate {though everyone else would be going “no, I totally won and you suck”, or “you got owned because my topic is better/we have more evidence” (or something like that)}. I don’t care because both sides looked like they had very good (or bad) evidence, they were both very statistical/inspiring {or monotone/conspiring (no rhyme intended)}. In short, I think the result of the debate is a tie.

Now with that done, it’s that time of the blog again, my time. During the weekend, I went to the States again for the 1000th+ time, and let me tell you, this trip is definitely one of my less-than-awesome shopping trips there, because of that Friday blizzard/snowstorm. We were originally supposed to go home by late night, but the blizzard was so fierce that we had to stay at a rest area for the night (best trip ever, am I right?).

Now for the fox part, it’s time I tell you why I like Mozilla Firefox better than any other browser out there. First off, I dislike Google Chrome because it can’t block ads as good as Firefox (also, it isn’t open source), I hate Internet Explorer because you already know the answer, and Safari and Opera I really can’t hate, because no one in this class uses them (or maybe they do). Also as a side note I think Ubuntu would make a great OS for Firefox, and that’s why I don’t hate it.

I’m sorry if I made this like a tech article, I couldn’t resist showing this random Firefox video.

And that’s the end of this blog for the week.


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