Of foxes, blogs, assignments and tech articles.

Weekly Blog November 4

Well, it’s that time of the week again, another blog from that guy who likes foxes, Disney films (e.g. Robin Hood, The Fox and the Hound), Mozilla Firefox, Pokemon, canines, etc. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin. So anyways, this Powerpoint project that we’re doing in class promises to be fun, even though I’m not that good at presenting. Studying about computers and how they can be more green is quite fascinating. Computers in the past used to waste lots of energy, was made up of materials that probably don’t affect it when removed, were non-recyclable, and overheated a lot. Now the computer manufacturers got rid of those obvious faults, and are manufacturing  more green computers made up of green parts, and can save lots of energy.

Also with this week, that surprise quiz was well, a surprise. I hope that I didn’t mess up on the phishing and spoofing questions of it.  With that said, I think I should tell everyone about the long day I had today (I’m typing out this blog on Wednesday night, it was “Take Your Kids to Work Day” today. Anyways, I got paired up with my aunt, and she works at Accenture Services in Vancouver, at Dunsmuir and Granville. The company she works for is a business company, that has partnered with BC Hydro (or something like that). This company is based on invoices (an itemized bill containing goods/services  sold/provided the total charge, and all that good business stuff), and my aunt works there as an accountant. Like any accountant, she knows how to use Microsoft Excel really well (too bad I didn’t inherit that skill) for calculating company profits and for doing invoices herself. In the time I spent there: I used some of it for writing an essay for take your kids to work day, checking out the invoices my aunt was scanning, and the rest of it in the “oh so boring” mail room. Even though I was with another grade 9 while doing this, it was still boring (though I can’t blame my aunt for making me do this, because what else would a kid do in the office for eight hours). I had to sort mail, stamp it, organize it, and put them in the appropriate places. Even though this experience was boring, it sure gave me an example of what having a job is like, and plus, the staff were very friendly and helped me throughout the entire way, which completely makes up for the fact/stereotype that  business jobs are boring. In short, I had a great experience, and that the future is more promising than I thought it would be. And so ends another weekly blog, see you next week.


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