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Computing Issues

Wow, my first blog for the uncategorized category. Here you go.

                          10/29/10                                     Computing Issues                                      Albrecht

  1. On how secure my browser is, It looks like it’s very secure. At home I use Mozilla Firefox and it is very sleek and fast. When I preformed a system check on Netteller, it said that this browser is safe and has security. Also, 128-bit encryption is a long password that protects your computer from hackers. Older computers have 64-bit encryption.
  2. The CIH virus attacks and destroys data. Since it’s a Windows 95 virus, all you need is a higher version of Windows to protect yourself.
  3. Sometimes, not going outside can get the best of us. Indoor air is much worse than outdoor air. Prolonged exposure to computers and other electronic devices can damage your eyesight. In order to fix this, you must go outside and exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes, or staying indoors too much can affect your health. Also with internet addiction, try doing what I mentioned above. Being addicted to the internet can be quite serious sometimes, like being online and skipping work/school. The most addicting website is most likely Facebook, but there are many more.

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