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Weekly Blog October 28

This week has taken quite its toll on me, since my family went on an all-out shopping spree in the States that lasted TWO DAYS!  When I finally got back home on Sunday, I looked at the assignments I had to do and I was fuming. The amount of homework I had to do for this class only took me at least 4 hours (as I’ve said before, I’m not good at Microsoft Excel), and that was only folder one. When I looked at the other folders, I was speechless. Some of these Excel assignments had to be done over several internet tabs that had mostly nothing to do with Computer Studies. With songs/CD’s, a dozen headaches, Graphs that have almost nothing to do with this course, my other courses who want just as much attention as this one, plus a guy who has been doing nothing but shopping for two days with barely any sleep or nutrients (blame McDonald’s), I think it’s safe to say that I HATE THE MICROSOFT EXCEL PORTION OF THIS COURSE. In other terms, Mr. Fernandez, you’ve given me and the class too much homework/classwork that we can keep up with, because we all have other courses that give out homework as well. I know what you’re thinking, I should have done some of it in class, at home, or during my time in the States, other people have already done it, ask for help, or “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill Albrecht, these assignments are easy”. Sorry, but I did do some of it in class and at home, and I wouldn’t have the internet if I brought my computer in the States (we didn’t even stay at a hotel, my dad would just continue driving through the night, he drinks Red Bull). We bought a ton of food, supplies, and clothing. The reason this trip took so long is because our friends and relatives asked for supplies. Back to the point, I couldn’t ask for help because I couldn’t just copy off of others just to get information. In conclusion and as an insight, if you can just cut back on homework or make it more fitting to the course, I would highly appreciate it, because I had too much of it. I know I’m doing this for my parents, but when pressure like this piles on top of me, it’s impossible for me to complete anything on time.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone, or I was just tired and didn’t look at the Excel criteria lately. I typed the previous paragraph last night on monday, and I was just plain tired. I’m sorry if I hand in anything late Mr. Fernandez, but feel free to give me a zero on a missing assignment since the excuses that I have shown above are of no use to me now. Though I do wonder if the test is anything like the assignments we’ve done.

Now for the Thursday edition of the blog, I think I did bad on the test but oh well. Anyways, I did learn a lot of new things today about how to protect against internet hackers. I feel safe typing these letters on my keyboard knowing that I have a router with a password, which is my firewall. Unfortunately, I just lost my Norton 360 anti-virus subscription/protection today (I used a trial product). And because of that, I can’t find my product key anywhere on my PC (a product key renews a subscription, and I just hope that one  firewall is enough). Though even without Norton, I can probably rely on Firefox’s add-ons to protect me from those hackers. For the fox edition of this blog (you saw that coming, didn’t you?), I downloaded a Firefox add-on, ad block plus (it blocks all ads if you didn’t know). To me, it is very useful, since a lot of viruses come from ads and pop-ups. Yes, I just saw the article on Firesheep, a Firefox add-on, and I’m quite disappointed by it. This add-on that can hack Facebook and Twitter accounts is ruining Mozilla’s good name. I just hope the situation doesn’t get any worse, and/or that the add-on gets taken down or a hacking spree will ensue in the future.


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