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Weekly Blog October 21

Here’s the vocabulary I have to learn by October 21.

Excel Vocab

  1. Columns: spreadsheet cells aligned vertically.
  2. Rows: spreadsheet cells aligned horizontally.
  3. Cells: boxes identified by intercepting rows and columns.
  4. Workbook: Excel file that stores your information.
  5. Range: a block of cells that can be formatted, manipulated, etc. into a group.
  6. Spreadsheet: the term for applications such as Excel.
  7. Cell Reference: identifies a particular cell(s).
  8. Absolute Reference: a specific cell location/range
  9. Functions: a preset formula

10. Worksheet: an electronic spreadsheet.

11. SUM: adds all numbers within the cell reference.

12. AVERAGE: average range of numbers/letters in the cell references selected.

13. MAX: highest number in the cell references selected.

14. MIN: lowest number in the cell references selected.

Now that I’m done with the vocabulary, I think I should start this post. If there’s anything I found difficult in this class this week, it would be Microsoft Excel. I’m not going to make the same excuse that I made a month ago (I don’t have Microsoft Office on my PC), but I think I would need extra help on this. I keep forgetting my formulas and constantly need a few seconds to think before I can complete a question. And the addition of all these excel assignments will probably take up the majority of my weekend. For any new insights, I suggest a little less homework because when it comes especially to Microsoft Excel, I am probably the dullest tool in the shed. As for any other assignment, it would be okay to have a little homework every now and then, but please cut back on it. I have other assignments that need my attention as well, and a family that’s usually on the go. Speaking of which, I’m going to the States again this weekend, but this time for shopping.In short, if you could kindly cut back on the homework, I would highly appreciate it. With the vocabulary terms listed above, I’m studying them right now as I’m typing this blog. Now that I’m done with the classroom part of the blog, I’ll get on with my part. As I’ve said before, I’m going to the States again on Friday, I hope it will be fun like Thanksgiving was. Even though we’re only going shopping, we also are visiting another tourist site (I don’t know which one). Now that I’m done talking about my travels, I’ll start talking about foxes. I don’t know if I ever told you this before, but my Internet Browser is Mozilla Firefox. Okay, I know many other people use it as well, but I realize that it’s much better than Internet Explorer. In the days when I used explorer, it was quite slow running files/programs. When I compared Firefox and Explorer in terms of speed, Firefox was much faster. Also, it didn’t fail as often as Explorer did. I could go on and on about this, but I should just end the blog now, see you next week.       (P.S., I changed the theme.)


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