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Weekly Blog October 14

It has been a great Thanksgiving holiday for my family and I. Enough about that, I’ll get on with the blog.  I must say that the Microsoft Word excercises for this week were quite easy. Though I didn’t learn any new readings or terminology for this week, the Word excercises helped me understand a little more about it. For example, I never knew that you could insert charts in Word, but only in Excel (which I know I will have a hard time doing the excercises for because I don’t have much experience with it). Another example of something I didn’t know about Word is that you could insert art on there, I thought you could only do it on PowerPoint. Aside from all that, I did not learn anything from the Microsoft Word excercises, but they helped refresh my memory on the program. Now for my personal section of the blog, as I’ve said before, it was a great Thanksgiving. I went to Seattle to meet my relatives, and we went to the museum of flight as well. It was a great weekend, and I wish I could’ve enjoyed it more. After the weekend, I must say that I’m impressed by my marks. Two A’s and two B’s, and quite good work habits to follow them. Now that that’s done, I will still say I love foxes (you can’t view my weekly blog without me typing/saying that at least once), but no offense to Fleetwood Park’s pride and glory (I’m not proud to be a dragon). Another weekly blog completed, hope you all enjoyed.


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