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Weekly Blog October 7

Well, it’s been another one of those homework-filled weeks. I’ll just cope with it and continue on with the blog. This week in class, I must say that the computer buying project was semi-difficult, but computer researching was quite easy. Though I’ve said that, I don’t know how well I would probably do on tomorrow’s test/quiz, I just hope I can multitask because I have a science test on that day as well. Also, I don’t think I learned any new computer terminology for this week but whatever. As I’m typing out this blog, I’m looking at the chapter 3 vocabulary and studying the periodic table at the same time. I don’t know if I can keep this up any longer. For the Thanksgiving weekend, I’m going to Seattle with my family. I just hope I don’t get any homework because that might just ruin the feeling of Thanksgiving (just kidding), but seriously, I can’t afford to have homework this weekend. Other than that, the week seems to be as normal as always. Now on with my personal section of the blog. Aside from Computer Studies and Science, I also take French and Humanities. I get a lot of homework every day from my courses, but it could be worse (I could have math and science in the same semester, that would be terrible). Unlike most of my friends, I’m not that much of a gamer. I’m just a guy who surfs the internet (a lot), and watches movies every now and then. After all that typing, yes, I still like foxes (I should have said that last week but oh well, since last week’s post was so long). That’s it for this week’s blog, see you next week.


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