Of foxes, blogs, assignments and tech articles.

Weekly Blog September 30

I must say that this week has been quite hectic, with a lot of homework, though I managed to get through it. Now on with the blog. For the computer terminology, I think that kernel and bootstrap are quite irregular names for computer software programs. The kernel though, is quite a fitting name for the core module of an operating system, like the kernel of a (pop)corn. As for bootstrap though, it’s a very wierd name for an OS initalizer/booter/starter. I also learned a lot about operating systems and utilities. I never knew that an operating system would be so vital for a computer. Without an OS, a computer can’t control its hardware resources, making it incapable of doing anything at all. And if not for utilities, there would be no security or file management on your computer. For the class/insights, I should say that it’s quite straightforward and easy to follow. However, since I don’t have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on my computer, it is much more difficult for me to do these kinds of assignments when they are assigned for homework (basically, cut back on homework that requires Microsoft Office). Now for my life, it has been quite a stressful week with not only Computer Studies homework, but also French, Science, and Humanities homework/projects. I have to say I’m glad I stayed in this school instead of originally going to Johnston Heights. After realizing how kind and funny people here were on my first week of Grade 8, I just had to stay. Though the only things I have a problem with are: 1, cut back on the homework and 2, the school mascot should have been a fox, not a dragon (though they do make great mascots). That does it for today’s blog, hope you enjoyed!


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