Of foxes, blogs, assignments and tech articles.

Weekly Blog September 23

Sorry for getting this blog up late, but I was quite busy this week. Now let’s get on with the post. I’ve learned many new things about computers when I took this computer studies class. For example, I’ve learned how digital printers, blu-ray disks, CPU’s, etc., works. I never could have believed that CPU’s would be so small to be the brain of the computer if I hadn’t taken this course. To me, taking this class doesn’t semm to hard and too easy, it’s quite balanced. The projects would/will be quite extensive, the tests would porbably seem to be difficult when they really are quite simple (you just have to use common sense and study more) and everything else would seem to be balanced. Now enough about the class, I’ll talk about me. If you hadn’t already guessed by my username, I’m a huge fox fanatic. The reason I like them so much is because I actually got the chance to pet one, and they are very good, yet quiet animals (also, my other favorite animals are wolves and dragons) . Aside from that, I also like fantasy and role-playing, and I also like art. This has been my weekly blog, hope you enjoyed reading it.


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